Disassembler Softwares For Mcu Reverse Engineers

All the softwares had been protected by password, after download the code, please send us an email, Mikatech will send you the password.

BIN / HEX convert


This is a BIN / HEX format convert tool for windows.

Not all the codes can be converted 100%, you can download a Xeltek programer tool, load your BIN (or HEX) program without connecting the programmer, then save as HEX (or BIN) program.

Microchip PIC disassembler


The PIC disassembler is a Windows based software to control a development programmer for PIC microcontrollers. To operate this software, a basic knowledge about electronics and Windows is necessary.

AVR Studio


AVR Studio is developed by Atmel Corp, it is used for Atmel AVR mcu programming and debugging, it also can be used for disassembling, since it is a Atmel product, the disassembled code can not be exported, it can be use used to complement other disassembler to make more accurate disassembling results.

The Disassembly window is only available when debugging. When any supported high level language is used, the source window is automatically displayed and the disassembly window is OFF. Enable it by choosing Debug→Windows→Disassembly or Ctrl+Alt+D during a debugging session.

The disassembly window shows your program code disassembled. Program execution and AVR instructions can be followed in this view. By right clicking inside the Disassembly window you will be able to set breakpoints, run to the position of the cursor or go to the source code. You cannot modify the source code from the Disassembly window.

Higher edition can be found on atmel website



MCS-51 core MCU disassembler


As the name describes, it is a windows based disassembler for MCS-51 core MCU codes, Atmel, Intel, SyncMos, Nuvoton/Winbond and NXP MCS-51 core MCU codes can be disassembled with nice outcome.

W32Dasm 9.0 Version


In 9.0B version :
- Doesn't hang anymore when we open packed appz.
- Doesn't need anymore to change PE header to E0000020 in order to be able to be disassembled.
- It now can show All string_ref from VB, VC, and Delphi appz (Best feature).
The bad thing it's only available in Chinesse language.
Translated all menus language to English!!!!
(using Resource tuner, crack provided by UCEC & UCDV. ).

MDT OTP writer


Developed by MDT company.
This is infact a MDT OTP writer, import your code, make the right config, click View >> disassemble to see the disassembly.

Holtek disassembler


OTP and BIN format support
Support symbol configuration, use default Symbol.ini or your diy symbols.

Elan Microcontroller EMC disassembler