About Mikatech

Equipped with best Facilities and engineers, Mikatech Innovative Limited has more than 22 years in the microcontroller reverse engineering industry, and by years of hard researching, we have studied and stored the security mechanism data of a wide range of chip types which are comonly used by the engineers arround the world, which enable us to to retrieve the program inside the chip with perfection and speed.

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As a leading specialist in the reverse engineering industry, we can help you to get access to the uptodate technology in your trade, help you to keep up the pace with your competitor or even getting ahead with minimium cost.
We had developed a series of easy procedures to help you get access to our service with minimium risk or even, as in most of the cases, no risk. to make our service to be an important resource on your business.
Since the foundation of Mikatech, as the technology evolves, the landscape of microcontroller unlocking business had changed a great deal, many new companies arise, many old ones had gone. However, Mikatech always believes, something deep inside business will never change, that is -- Honor, Honesty and the Agreement Abiding Spirit.

Why Mikatech?

1. Mikatech is the world first full dedicated microcontroller unlocking company. When nobody did anything, Mikatech done everything. Mikatech was founded in 1998, the very begining of the internet age in China. By courtesy of Mr nickname "pranam77", the earliest comment about our break ic service can be dated back to 2001 on edaboard.com electronic forum.

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2. In its 16 years of history, Mikatech is honored to have worked with clients around the world. it had close long term working relations with many individuals and firms, among them even the very first peer international brands which we have obligations to undisclose their names. Even the foreign embassy had worked with us for some strange gadgets.
For sure, among the tens of thousands microcontrollers it had unlocked, the PCB projects it had copied, there had been successes and failures. Mikatech believe, the true Agreement Abiding Spirit lies at times of failure, Mikatech had always done its best to handle the failed projects with honor and honesty, even honor means higher costs. As time went by, clients became friends, fiends became even business partners, we know honor has its own worth.

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3. The old teaching: "Failure is the mother of success", it is also true with reverse engineering, for each project which we had encountered with great difficulties or even failure, there was lessons to be learned and potential riskes to be avoided in future projects. you can find it on PCB Projects Overview, why it is important to foresee the potential riskes when launching your project.
4. Reverse engineering is not a gold mine, with our vast client base around the world, we also had hard times when we failed with big investments on big projects, some new companies should bearly make their ends meet, so dirty companies are not uncommon in our trade, even the United States has dirty company. 6 years ago, we sent some projects to a US company which we knew each other for some years, when they failed with our projects, they did not refund the USD4000 downpayment, when the time comes to refund, they succumbed to the deadly sin -- Greed!

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The biggest refund we had ever made is a USD30,000 to an Iranian client, and many big and small ones. We are proud that we had never failed to honor our promise in our 16 years history, many clients have advanced payment in our account as credit for future projects, the longest credit here is USD2000 did not touched for 5 years.

Sometimes, our clients could fail to keep their promise too, after we sent testing samples to some of our clients, for some reasons, even the testing went well, they failed to send us the payment as they promised, Mikatech do understand that if the market for reverse engineering the project do not exist anymore, give up the project can be the only resort. If client could not keep the promise, just give one line of explanation, then we would be glad to forget the failed case and carry on with new projects.

Among the failed promises, there are also moving stories, there was a Pakistani client, after getting our testing samples for a PIC12c671 project, lost contact with us for 2 years, we thought this must had been another failed case, but one day, we got an email as follows:

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Moved by the email, we answered the email as below:

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Mikatech does understand that "promise don't come easy", we just do our best to cherish it, little by little, we built up a solid bond of trust with our clients and friends around the globe, we think this is the very achievement we ever made and which sets our apart from others.