World First Ever

1st copmpany providing service of our kind, electronics reverse engineering, microcontroller unlocking & PCB Cloning.

Anything They make,we can unlock

Dedication makes perfection, all that is to make our service up to your expectation.

Time is the best witness of MikaTech's service

MikaTech 22 years of history has a lot to tell, it is the touchstone of truth and false, reflecting flaws of our soul like a mirror Who We Are

How We Make your Work with us so Easy

With our carefully designed working flow, from the moment your project arrives, everything will be smooth as silk, working with MikaTech can never be easier as the 3 steps below!
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1. After discussing with our specialist, you send us one Old microcontroller sample.

Your tell us the part number of your microcontroller, we will inform your the price, deliver time, and also relavent suggestions about your project.

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2. We shall do the magic, create 2 New samples the same as your Old microcontroller.

We then pack and send the 2pcs New samples to you, you test the 2 New samples, if they work, you know the work is done.

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3. Get the code and you are Happy!

After the payment process finished, you will get the code, and carry on with your project with relax. Simple, easy and happy, what a wonderful world!

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MikaTech Reverse Engineering Servis

We are constantly researching new types, and we can not update all of them, if your chip is not listed here, please send us an email to get the newest infomation.

MCU Decap.

We provide semiconductor decapping and depackaging service with years of experience.

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Silicon OM Micro Photo.

After the decap, we provide Optic Microscope imaging of the chip silicon wafer.

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MCU Unlock.

Unlock MCU and recover the data for those who lost their the code during work.

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PCB Schematics & BOM.

From your PCB sample, we extract its Schematics & BOM for study or production.

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PCB Prototyping.

We make PCB prototype from the Schematics & BOM for testing before production.

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PCB Production.

Mass production with us is easy, just give us the order and wait for the delivery.

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